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Project Description
Quick share messages with your team members in SharePoint using the SPMessaging WebPart. POC using SP, Ajax & jQuery. You can see all messages of all people having read access to the site.You can customize it by using the WebPart properties. Message Storage in a SharePoint list.

SPMessaging is a proof of concept using SharePoint (MOSS2007), jQuery and ASP.NET Ajax. It's not a chatapplication, and it's not a discussion. You can quick write a (short) message which all site users with (minimal) read access can see.

You can set some properties of the webpart:

Storage settings:

- Name of the list (automatically created after inserting the first message
- Maximum numbers of messages (after reaching this number, the oldest will be deleted before adding a new item)
- Maximum number of characters users can use.

Paging settings:

- Max. number of messages on a page (automatically paging will be added using jQuery).


- Share (Short) Messages in SharePoint
- The system looks for a user image (set on mysite). If the system can't find a picture, it will show a default image.
- Customize some webpart properties.
- jQuery for e.g. character counter
- Delete messages you created
- Uses .NET GridView with paging and Ajax
- AutoHyperlink url (http://...) and mail.

The WebPart:

Release V0.2

Release V0.1

The WebPart Properties

WebPart Properties.jpg

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